Velvet Crush - Melody Freaks

Velvet Crush - Melody Freaks

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In their continuing effort to put out just about every note they've ever committed to tape, Velvet Crush release on their very own Action Musik vanity label a brand new compilation of demos and outtakes recorded 1990-1996 (all unreleased alternate versions) entitled Melody Freaks.

Although not too keen on making demos in the first place, Velvet Crush have nevertheless conceded to recording several demo sessions over the years (usually to convince/appease a curious A&R representative or label geek).

As is often the case, these demo recordings sometimes surpass the master takes in terms of quality and excitement within the performance. The other tracks "the outtakes" are all wonderfully vibrant and melodically addictive, and one wonders why the group didn't deem them acceptable for release when they were actually recorded.

No matter, it's all here now, warts and all, and if you're a fan of this legendary band or of guitar-based, melody-driven rock n' roll music in general, you'll want to own this compilation. 18 trx w/guests Mitch Easter, Wes Lachot, David Gibbs...

Factory sealed.