Awful Mess Mystery (10" LP)

Mud Records

10-in / MUDLP033
UPC: 79530620331

Super-catchy, new wavy, indie-pop. Boy-girl vocals, guitar, drums & casio with hooks galore & wonderful sing-song backup vocals. This debut album was recorded by Poster Children's Rick Valentin. Incredibly fun, keyboard-kissed pop. Subsequent releases on Parasol, 100 Guitar Mania, Kindercore, and March Records.

Think early-Superchunk meets The Rentals!

Members of Wolfie have gone on to form Beaujolais, The Like Young, Busytoby, The New Constitution, National Splits, and Mathlete.

Rolling Stone: "Awful Mess Mystery is hotblooded garage pop from Urbana, Illinois, with boy-girl vocals, Velveeta keyboards, sha-la-la hooks and thirteen sturdy tunes in four minutes. Theme song: "Hey It's Finally Yay."   

Awful Mess Mystery (10" LP)
Product Type: 10-in
Product ID: MUDLP033
Product UPC: 79530620331
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