Mt Fuji in Blue

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UPC: 795306205524

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Recorded January 2014 by Allen Epley and Eric Abert at Earth Analog in Tolono, IL. 

Mixed April 2014 by Allen Epley and Eric Abert at Electronical in Chicago, IL. 
Mastered by Jonathan Pines at Private Studios in Urbana, IL. 

Produced by Allen Epley and Eric Abert and Withershins. 
Additional Engineering by Matt Talbott and Mark Wyman. 

All songs by Withershins. 

All lyrics by Isaac Arms, except "Moss God" and "Eternal Return" by Bryce Robert Hays and "Coward's Clothes" and "Leaving Ground" by Colin Larson.

Mt Fuji in Blue
Product Type: CD
Product ID: MUDCD055
Product UPC: 795306205524
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Withershins - "Aquamarine" from @TWOBRAINZ on Vimeo.

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