Weird Summer

Cry For The Moon/Homer

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-012
UPC: 79530610122

The disc compiles two great albums released in the late-80s by Weird Summer. An astounding CD that features Bob Kimbell's stellar vocals and Nick Rudd's soaring guitars. Kimbell just so happens to be a song writing pal of Jack Logan. Several of their collaborations appears on this disc, another on Logan's highly acclaimed Bulk CD.

Nick Rudd is a long time favorite of Parasol Records. He's released two 7" singles and one full-length CD for us under his name and Blown.

Charlie Dold has released three 7" singles and one 10" record on Bus Stop Records under his name and Milo. Charlie was with Weird Summer at the end of their stretch and appears on one of the disc's tracks.

It's a brilliant CD! Even former Champaign popsters Ric Menck and Paul Chastain of Velvet Crush were inspired to name a song on their Teenage Symphonies To God album Weird Summer... maybe you will too!

Champaign Rock Historian (of sorts) Paul Buden writes:

"In the back of clubs at Weird Summer gigs, the talk on many nights was about Bob's vocal gift. Yet when the live mix was right, Bob's vocals and Nick's lead guitar - often evoking shades of Verlaine and Lloyd of Television, sometimes Revolver-era Beatles - would coalesce with the propulsive rhythm section of Schattnik and Golub, pushing each other higher as the show unfolded. At the end of the night when the house lights went on, people would drift home grinning and exhausted.

In the studio, the band aimed for the same dynamic and captured it on their strongest band tracks. There was no mistaking the signature sound of the band - Window Pane with the sensational effervescent bass of Schattnik and Lose My Head from the first album or Walls Flash By highlighted by Rudd's searing guitar and the mesmerizing Wanderlust from the second album - as chiming guitars careened against lead vocals to create their trademark - an aura of enlightened restlessness."

Cry For The Moon/Homer
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-012
Product UPC: 79530610122
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