Velvet Crush

In the Presence Of Greatness

Action Musik

CD / AMCD104
UPC: 79530651042

At the time of it's release in 1991, In the Presence of Greatness, the first Velvet Crush album, was hailed as a 'classic' by the likes of Rolling Stone and Britain's New Musical Express for chrissakes, and now it's available with new artwork and three bonus tracks!

Recorded on 8 tracks at our friend Matthew Sweet's house in Princeton, NJ, it has an explosive sound the likes of which we'll probably never recapture, and seeing as how it's been remastered, sounds better than ever before. Infact, it sounds like it coulda been recorded yesterday, which i guess is why it's a 'classic'!

In the Presence Of Greatness
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AMCD104
Product UPC: 79530651042
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