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Hey Wimpus: The Early Recordings Of Paul Chastain & Ric Menck

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Recordings made in 1987-88 thanks to a $500 loan from a good friend. At the time there were a lot of "smelly guy" rock bands around our town, and we felt really out of place wanting to make music influenced by the Beach Boys and the Left Banke. It was the beginning of wimp rock for sure! I remember we had a lot of fun doing this stuff, and we really were inspired by older records that we were just discovering for the first time. Stuff by the Zombies and Hollies and Byrds and even Simon & Garfunkel.

Later we signed a bogus record deal with some people in the UK, and when pressed for a name for our project, came up with ChooChooTrain, something we definitly have lived to regret. Still, the music has held up rather well in the face of all of the indie-wimp pop that's come after it, and this is your chance to hear all of it, including the unreleased original "There Before The Dawn", and a ragged version of Paul Collins' "Walking Out On Love" that we cut at the very last minute of the final session.



Ric Menck

Hey Wimpus: The Early Recordings Of Paul Chastain & Ric Menck
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AMCD100
Product UPC: 795306510024
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