Soundtrack of Our Lives, The

Extended Revelation (For The Psychic Weaklings Of The Western Civilization)

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!031
UPC: 79530650312

Hidden Agenda's 2001 US release of TSOOL's sprawling 1998 some-say-masterpiece. These Swedes merge Doors, Stones, Beatles, Stooges, Middle Eastern sounds... rock's entire collective unconscious!!!

Clandestinely classic Rock & Roll from Swedish band, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, featuring former members of critically acclaimed late 80s/early 90s band's band Union Carbide Productions.

These proverbial Godfathers of Swedish Rock resurrected themselves in 1996 as a retro, otherworldly pop/rock/psychedelic/folk juggernaut, and you heard it here first: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives could very well be The Best Rock/Pop Band In The Entire World, and I'm not kidding.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives'  narcotic, 60s/70s-influenced bohemian-psych bombast, groovy guitar-pop and bristling electrified rock songs are awash in heady atmospheres, incandescent energies and deep, dark shadows.  An epic merging of The Rolling Stones circa 1970 and The Stooges, The Beatles Revolver and The Who, The Doors and Led Zeppelin, viscerally retro and updated with an immense knowledge of modern pop and recording studio wizardry.

Each of these discs delivers a stunning universe of sound packaged as an epic album. These discs offer not merely collection of songs, but rather one massive whole. While their 1996 debut Welcome... is a bit more rocking and 1998's Extended Revelation... is a bit more hippy-dippy (not a slur on this occassion, mind you) both of these albums are simply mind-blowing.

Trust us. Very highly, in fact, urgently recommended.

Extended Revelation (For The Psychic Weaklings Of The Western Civilization)
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!031
Product UPC: 79530650312
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