Green Pajamas

21st Century Séance

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!077
UPC: 795306507727

21st Century Séance is the long-awaited new studio album from veteran Seattle psych-pop combo The Green Pajamas finds mainman Jeff Kelly and his stalwart crew (including songwriters Eric Lichter and Laura Weller) re-exploring the stunning psychedelic territories last charted on their classic 1997 album Strung Behind the Sun...

Past praise for the work of The Green Pajamas:

All Music Guide: "Seattle's Green Pajamas can be seen as a more serious equivalent to XTC side project the Dukes Of Stratosphear; both bands deal in subtle twists of '60s psychedelia…the Green Pajamas have a more earnest, folksy sound…"

NY Times: "When are the highly literate and melody-savvy Mr. Kelly and the retro psychedelic pop band he leads, The Green Pajamas, going to get, at the very least, a decent cult following?"

Magnet: "A recommended pursuit for fans of the Go-Betweens, Elf Power or the Soft Boys"

Entertainment Weekly: "Coy, clever psychedelic pop."

21st Century Séance
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!077
Product UPC: 795306507727
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