Gerbils, The

Are You Sleepy

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!006
UPC: 795306500629

The Gerbils have released 7" singles with labels like Spare Me, Enraptured offshoot Earworm-UK, and Hidden Agenda. This is the Gerbils’ debut full-length, compiling the Spare Me and Hidden Agenda singles, plus 5 unreleased gems from the Are You Sleepy sessions (recorded in Austin and San Francisco during 1996, and distributed underground as a cassette-only release in 1997). The CD also adds the nimble "Fluid" which floods into a major sonic freak-out, "Wet Host", recorded Summer 1997 with Jeremy from The Music Tapes, for a total of 11 tracks. Some of these songs were re-worked by The Olivia Tremor Control’s Bill Doss and the band during the summer of ‘97, and the Gerbils subsequently skewed the rest themselves.

Are You Sleepy
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!006
Product UPC: 795306500629
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