Chrysler, The

Failures And Sparks

Galaxy Gramophone

CD / SKIV001
UPC: 79530699022

U.S. version of The Chrysler's debut classic "Failures And Sparks", includes five lovely bonus tracks.

Considered a country act in their native Sweden, The Chrysler's rootsy psychedelic reveries are shaded in eerie noir atmospheres. A mesmerizing mix of winsome pop, bonfire folk, and otherworldly hymnals, led by dual vocalists and guitarists Anders Rudström and Pelle Lindroth, joined by Nya Sampan (melodica, piano, organ) and Herman Arfwedson (acoustic & electric bass). With their debut album Failures And Sparks The Chrysler have assembled a shrine to their influences: The Everly Brothers, The Band, Simon & Garfunkel, The Velvets, and Neil Young. "Sweet music, with a touch of evil" explains The Chrysler, out of the quiet into the quieter…

In addition to a powerful blend of Chryslervoices expect a contentedly wheezing organ, hallucinatory woodwinds, the occasional swell of brass, and nuances like paino, melodica, organ, and bells, which deliver a sonic depth that’s absolutely startling in this context. The creepy “This Is Midnight” recalls The Beta Band at their most succinct and tranquil while “Wounded Night” could be your favorite b-side from Mercury Rev’s Deserter Songs, in a lovely Bob Dylan meets Neil Young way. “Holy Holy Holy” aches with a Wilco-esque empathy and ennui, and “All Along the Freefall" is a Morricone hero holding the reins of Yo La Tengo folk-drone quietude. “Ring of a Bell” could be a long lost Hederos & Hellberg original, and hearing echoes of a soulful Neil Diamond-esque vamp like “Revolution #1” swaddled in The Chryslers murky rusticity makes for a beguiling dynamic. The results are as toasty and friendly as a bonfire, wrestling with an otherworldly darkness.

All Music Guide: "The Chrysler's debut disc, Failures and Sparks, is a low-key gem that impresses musically and connects emotionally with those who love vaguely country-ish songs with lovely vocals, sparkling instrumentation, and sweetly insinuating hooks..."

Maximum Ink: "The Chrysler evokes a shadowy noir that flits between faintly melancholic electro-folk and sweetly subtle chamber pop. A delicate marvel of understated mystery, meandering melodicas and cryptic acoustics, “Failures,” enchants, stirring hesitant moods from rootsy, well-mannered troubadours whose spooky inclinations magically mesmerize."

Yeah Yeah Yeah: "Charming Swedish psychedelic daybreak pop, swirling in a twinkling, slow-motion Simon & Garfunkel / Prefab Sprout sunrise."

Failures And Sparks
Product Type: CD
Product ID: SKIV001
Product UPC: 79530699022
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