The Glass Intact

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Razor-sharp relationship-based lyrics, great melodic female vocals, & a powerful wallop of guitars showcase this amazing sophomore effort. Championed in every press outlet from Rolling Stone and Spin to Village Voice and Punk Planet! Includes a Busytoby cover?! Produced by Matt (Castor/Lovecup/The Alkaline Trio) Allison.

Spin Magazine: "Sarge seem to have zoomed out of nowhere. You can hear the debt this young, Champaign, Illinois foursome owe to riot grrrl in the explosive emotional intensity of their songs. Yet Sarge bring so much discipline, so much spit-and-polish to their particular brand of punk-pop they've clearly stretched beyond the willful amateurish boundaries of riot grrrl... The songs on The Glass Intact are like miniature novels; their narratives collapse into compact, intense spirals... in a voice fragile as spun sugar and tough as polyester... Nervy, hopelessly seductive, and hell-bent for trouble and heartache The Glass Intact peers at the world through a very dark lens - but the sun, with both its menace and its warmth, is never far from view."

Rolling Stone's Hot Band of 1998: "Sarge understand what you need from rock & roll: punk guitars, girlie vocals, power-pop melodies and songs that find new ways to say "Love stinks."  That's what you get on their second album, The Glass Intact, a stripped-down indie crush party that rocks with staggering sass."

Interview Magazine: "Elizabeth Elmore's voice is girlish and cutting. It seems even higher on The Glass Intact... than it did on Charcoal, their blazing, bitter debut... Elmore's guitar playing is about angles and flurries of noise, about obstructions that trip you up or sharp turns you make without thinking... Sarge play swift punk, like Amelia Fletcher's band Heavenly... You never know when the apparent pop song Sarge are playing will turn cruel - when the fun of their music will come clean, when the fun will turn out to be a matter of softening up someone in the song for revenge. Elmore keeps you guessing, and she can make you nervous... She shares attitude - a sonic version of X-ray vision, the sidelong glance that looks right through you - with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney..." (Greil Marcus)

Village Voice: "Roughly pop and crisply punky, this is one of the rare good albums to land tunes first these days, indubitably fresh despite its verse-chorus-verse and guitar-bass-drums. Partly it's the voice of young Elizabeth Elmore--unassuming but never retiring, thoughtful but never moony, just what you'd expect of a straightforward lass who neither wears contact lenses nor throws money away on frames. Read the lyrics--so much happens so fast that they make a difference, and note that they're printed across the booklet, compelling you to follow word for word instead of scanning down--and you'll encounter not just a sensible girl but a born writer whose subject is love or relationships depending how you look at it. Dissecting one attraction after another, she's still trying to figure that one out herself. My advice, fat chance she'll take it: male or female, maybe you should rule out people in bands, dear. A-" (Robert Christgau)

Salon Magazine: "They draw on the tunefulness of pop, the energy of punk and something shared by artists as disparate and connected as Nirvana or Neil Young... Everything about The Glass Intact - from the production by the band and Matt Alison to the freedom and discipline in the playing of Elmore and new guitarist Pat Cramer, bassist Rachel Switzky and drummer Chad Romanski  sharpens, deepens and expands the sound and the meanings of Sarge's 1996 Charcoal&  The Glass Intact offers the exhilaration of hearing a young band find its voice and the satisfaction of feeling you're being talked to honestly, directly, as an adult, free to join the conversation." (Charles Taylor)

Chickfactor: "My friend and I were arguing a few weeks ago whether Bikini Kill or Team Dresch would be the band that would be the most historically important ten years from now. He said Bikini Kill because they were the ones that inspired so many girls to start their own bands. I said Team Dresch because they will be the ones who inspired the good ones. Sarge's first album is an initial point of evidence for my side. It's clearly the product of a boy-crazy girl listening to Personal Best about a million times. It's also funny and angry and tuneful and fast and instrumentally awesome and so on-the-mark it makes me smile every time. And they're only going to get better -  the aforementioned girl is 20 years old. Yay."

The Glass Intact
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