Ryan Groff

People In The Midwest

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-105
UPC: 79530611052

People In The Midwest is the debut solo album from local scene leading man Ryan Groff, frontman for regionally-acclaimed indie-anthem rock act Elsinore. Joyful, transcendent songstories with a spiritual vibe, some sporting a sweet seventies soft-rock vibe, others exploring more ’00 experimental pop idealism. Ryan’s songwriting runs a bit more expansive than your normal human. He lets the instrumentation simmer somewhere between restrained and minimalist and puts front and center a voice (what a voice!) that recalls icons like Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and Elliott Smith (and Thom Yorke and Freddie Mercury and Morrissey).

People In The Midwest
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-105
Product UPC: 79530611052
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