Ric Menck

Hey War Pigs b/w Teenage Head

Action Musik

45 / AMVS110

On his new 45rpm vinyl single Velvet Crush drummer and very occasional solo singer-songsmith Ric Menck graces the A-side with his cover of former Soft Boys and Katrina & The Waves guitarist-songwriter Kimberly Rew’s pissed-off protest anthem “Hey War Pigs”, which Ric cites as "the greatest protest song ever written"; aided & abetted by co-conspirator Matthew Sweet.

B-side is Menck's dry-hump version of The Flaming Groovies “Teenage Head”, recorded by David Newton of Fonda and Mighty Lemon Drops fame.

Black wax in a plain paper sleeve.

In addition to founding Velvet Crush Menck is and has been a member of The Drats, The Reverbs, The Springfields, The Paint Set, The Big Maybe, The Stupid Cupids, Pop The Balloon, Choo Choo Train, Duffy, The Tyde, Frausdots, Aimee Mann and Matthew Sweet.

Hey War Pigs b/w Teenage Head
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