Poster Children

No More Songs About Sleep and Fire

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!064
UPC: 79530650642

In the tradition of Talking Heads' More Songs About Buildings and Food and The Undertones' More Songs About Chocolate And Girls, we're excited to present No More Songs About Sleep and Fire, the new full-length album from veteran Champaign rock outfit Poster Children!

This is their 9th (or more accurately their 8 1/2th) album in 16 years! The album morphs hyperkinetic new wave pop with angular agit-rock intricacies highlighted by the vibrant guitar interplay between guitarists Rick + Jim and dual singing of Rick + Rose and anchored by Rose's propulsive bass playing and the sturdy beat of new drummer Matt. Twelve new songs recorded in the band's very own Bit Riot! studios in Champaign, This disc is enhanced for both Mac and PC users and includes an album length commentary track by Rick + Rose (just like you'd find on your favorite DVD - where topics like flag burning, Kathmandu, and Fred Schneider collide!) and a video for the single "Western Springs." It even includes a song about Jane, a former Parasol intern and Rose's Tae Kwon Do sister!

Previous releases on Limited Potential, Frontier, Twin-Tone, Creation, Sub Pop, Sire-Reprise, spinART, and 12-Inch Records (among others) plus a decade and a half of touring, touring, TOURING have earned the band legions of fans, all over the country.

No More Songs About Sleep and Fire
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!064
Product UPC: 79530650642
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