Mr. Stephens

With Ms. Harmon's Kindergarten Class

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CD / ACHOO-001
UPC: 795306811121

Debut release for Parasol's new children's music label, Choo Choo Train Records. We lead off with former Lonely Trailer frontman Tim Stephens. Mr. Stephens strums his acoustic guitar and leads Ms. Harmon's kindergarten class (at Urbana, IL's Thomas Paine Elementary School) through a rollicking set of feelgood singalongs and goodnatured kid-centric tomfoolery. Includes guest apperances by former Trailer mate Brian Reedy on drums and vibraphone, along with Emily Reedy on accordian.

Local folks please note: We're happy to mail your order, but you can also come by Parasol and pick up a copy and save shipping & handling charges. We're at 303 West Griggs St, northwest of downtown Urbana. Griggs meets Race St between The Courier and Silvercreek restaurants. We're open 8am-2:30pm weekdays. Call 344-8609 for more info.

With Ms. Harmon's Kindergarten Class
Product Type: CD
Product ID: ACHOO-001
Product UPC: 795306811121
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