Mazzzes: Remixes

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Mazes' self-titled 2009 debut has received the remix/de-mix treatment from musical friends, fans and family. It's not your grandparent’s remix record. It’s not even a remix record, in the Mazes' hive mind. What began as a thought that their debut record sounded ‘too good’ compared to the lo-fi music that was getting all the media attention, evolved into a typically bizarre conclusion nearly a year later. Mazes gave a bunch of musician/producer friends only the final, stereo mixes of the record and said "do whatever you want". The surprising results range from the aforementioned lo-fi treatment to hard-core avant garde, to blissed-out cut & paste jams and neverywhere inbetween. You may call it a re-contextualization, or a "de-mix", but please do call it Mazzzes.


You can download Mazzzes for free, right here.

Mazzzes: Remixes
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