Mattias Hellberg

High in the Lowlands

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!099
UPC: 795306509929

Swedish singer/songwriter Mattias Hellberg's new album High In The Lowlands is an intimate collaboration with longtime friend Mattias Areskog. Just the two of them stuck in a cabin over a long winter, but the end result is yet another Hellberg masterpiece.

Throughout his solo career Mattias Hellberg's sad-souled songs of Scandinavian heartbreak -- be it solo or with Hederos & Hellberg (with Martin Hederos from The Soundtrack of Our Lives), Healing Hand, or his handful of acclaimed solo releases -- always did have a rootsy, folksy approach. With High In the Lowlands he falls back to his troubadour roots, songs drawn from the wellspring of rock's collective unconscious.

Hellberg's rock'n'roll pedigree includes his own band The White Moose, plus past membership in Nymphet Noodlers, Hellacopters, Nationalteaterns RockOrkester, Thunder Express, Stefan Sundström's band, and occasionally The Soundtrack of Our Lives.


High in the Lowlands
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!099
Product UPC: 795306509929
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