Mark Bacino

Pop Job ...the Long Player!

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-023
UPC: 79530610232

Amongst the din of today's "alternative" sound, it's refreshing to hear an artist whose music truly emphasizes the "POP" in contemporary pop music. Twenty-nine year old singer/songwriter Mark Bacino is such an artist. With a musical style that draws, not from angst, but from an obsession with melody Mark says, "The first thing I think about is the song. I love catchy melodies; and if people don't go away humming the songs after the first listen, then I haven't done the job right."

Someone's doing his job right…

Writing pop songs for close to fifteen years, Mark's knack for the "hook" is unique amongst his contemporaries. Guided by the pop muses of the mid-to-late '60s, Mark's songs continue in the tradition of pop's favorite songwriters.

The studio is where Mark's songs truly begin to "pop 'n' glow…"

Radio friendly; Mark's studio productions achieve a sheen and polish without losing the humanity and spark that make a record a classic. The intricate background vocals on tracks such as "Inside" and "Gone" perfectly complement the relaxed feel of the rhythm section and the jangle of the guitars.

Prone to perfecting each and every nuance in his music, Mark is foiled by his present producers Richard Brukner and Ron Zabrocki who insist on keeping takes as loose as possible while still maintaining Mark's melodic and harmonic punch.

It's the voice though…

Although Mark is a skilled multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, bass, etc.), his voice proves to be his most versatile instrument. There are as many as 15 simultaneous vocal tracks (all sung by Mark alone) adorning the aforementioned recordings. Time consuming but worth it.


If you're a consummate or casual fan of pop music and catchy melodies, give Mark a listen and be prepared to "go away humming the songs" but also be prepared to come back…wanting more.

Pop Job ...the Long Player!
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-023
Product UPC: 79530610232
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