Lonely Trailer

Yeah, So?

Mud Records


Guitar, bass, and drums with compelling harmonies. This is the 11th full length release for this Urbana, Illinois three-piece. Frantic playing, varied time signatures, and atypical subject matter, make them responsible for more than their fair share of nightmares. Excellent!

Since 1986, Lonely Trailer has recorded 95 songs on 7 full-length releases. Their sound has been compared to the Minutemen, Captain Beefheart, XTC, and the Beach Boys. Lonely Trailer songs are filled with harmonies, off-kilter lyrics, and unexpected hooks. They continually change directions as the dynamics lead you on, leaving you hanging, but then suddenly satisfying your audio appetite.

Option Magazine: "Lyrics are all over the place-beguiling, oblique, silly, funny, little personal vignettes too...lots of internal dynamics, complexities and tempo/rhythm changes. It's a big sound; the riffs are deadly when they surface."

Yeah, So?
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