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What, you ask, is Lonely Trailer all about? 

Avant-pop mind-fry musings with some subtle and scintillating guitar work, the freakiest three part harmonies this side of Brian Wilson’s wet dreams/nightmares, and cavalierly cathartic/kinetic drumming, that’s what. 

Mutlimeteor is the latest installment of sensational art-pop shenanigans from this highly prolific and under-appreciated trio --Champaign-Urbana’s "least known" band. They don’t sound like other bands; it’s just a feeling they give you. But if you smeared The Band’s layered vocal sleight-of-tongue on a slice of the quirk-laden pop of XTC’s Drums & Wires or English Settlement, that would be close. 

They’ve got a CD and Best Of DCD previously on Mud, and they’re prepared to release hundreds of tunes once they get the nod. As Multimeteor flashes across indie-pop’s twinkling consciousness, the backcatalog beckons like the Milky Way. 

Lonely Trailer: the GBV of 2003.

This new, "enhanced" CD features videos (including clips from their locally famous PBS concert special recorded during a ride on C-U’s nationally recognized public transportation system -- the bus, and it really is a nice bus system, too) plus wacky animation, and odd, artful, hallucinatory ghostings attributed to drummer Brian Reedy’s visual art skills… 

Multimeteor features the supernatural bass-strangling of ex-Lovecup genius/recluse T.J. Harrison.

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