Kevin Tihista

Don't Breathe A Word

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-079
UPC: 79530610792

Spectacular debut of soft-focus, ultra-cool pop decadence, wrapped in catchy hooks & crash-n-burn relationship based lyrics. Recorded by Ellis Clark (June & the Exit Wounds/Chamber Strings/Epicycle).

Back in late 2000 Parasol planned to release a double debut CD by this prolific soft pop wonder. Division One/Atlantic beat us to it and released the single album Don’t Breathe a Word which Uncut magazine voted the #19 album of 2001. When Division One closed three months later Parasol reissued Don’t Breathe a Word in the U.S. concurrent with the 12-song companion album, titled Judo.

Uncut Magazine's #19 album of 2001. "After a couple of low-key EPs, the first album from Chicago based Tihista transcended the singer-songwriter genre with unobtrusive lo-fi mini-symphonies of layered harmony and swelling synth. Singing in a half-whisper that makes Nick Drake sound aggressive, Tihista has arguably made the most romantic record of the year."

Mojo Magazine: "Full-length from sweetly sarcastic Chicago popster... Tihista's mordant, melodic songs and voice evoke both Harry Nilsson and Elliott Smith, as witty in outlook as they are rich in harmony and chromatic splendour."

Chicago Reader: "Tihista's melodies are subtle and he sings in a near whisper, shaping his hooks with a deliberate grace. Though the influence of John Lennon, Big Star, and contemporary pop sophisticates like Elliott Smith and Eric Matthews are readily apparent, Tihista's got his own style -- and his own weak points. "Some people have taken jabs about my lyrics," he admits. "They're all pretty much the same song -- crappy love, love gone bad, love gone good. So now I'm kind of fucked-up -- I gotta start singing songs about cars or my dog, but I've been trying and I just can't do it, so you get what you get. I'm the happiest guy in the world, but for some reason I love tragic love songs."

Don't Breathe A Word
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-079
Product UPC: 79530610792
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