Ken Stringfellow

This Sounds Like Goodbye

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!004
UPC: 79530650042

Ken Stringfellow wrote songs, played guitar, and sang with one of the best/underrated pop bands of the '90s, the Posies. The first solo project to jump out of the gate was Stringfellow's CD, This Sounds Like Goodbye. There are ten songs here - genre-wise, he takes the listener all over the map with some solemn breakup pop, lo-fi shenannigans, a little bit of harpsichord, and a couple of instrumentals.

The singer sounds the same, though - that voice, my gosh - and you'll find yourself compelled to put laments like "Too True" and "Your Love Won't be Denied" on repeat. Also featured here is a cover of Big Star's "Take Care". This is a quiet and respectful version of a timeless song, and a great ending to an arresting debut.

This Sounds Like Goodbye was recorded mostly at the home studio by Ken.

This Sounds Like Goodbye
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!004
Product UPC: 79530650042
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