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"Indiscretion grew out of nothing into a sort of 50-minute exercise on guilt, especially Catholic, and desire."

2001 solo album from Green Pajamas founder/frontman Jeff Kelly.

Green Pajamas leader Jeff Kelly has an overall theme on his new solo album, Indiscretion, and it’s not well hidden. Mary adorns the front cover and the title track leads the CD with Kelly’s ruminations on his religious experiences, "Cruel guilt, shame and regret, I guess the Catholic in me isn't all the way out yet."

Though the album maintains the title song’s inspiration, the theme never becomes a crusade. Kelly continues to mine classic literature, literary figures, and artists for subject matter, a few of which he describes below:

"Ambrosio's Song (She Looks Like Mary)"
Inspired by the book The Monk by Matthew Lewis. It's one of two songs I've written about this wild and great novel, the other coming out on the next Pajamas album.

"Balthus, King of Cats"
About the painter and particularly a painting, Cat With A Mirror no. 3, of which I've tried to convey the spirit of in sound and music.

"Mrs. Newton"
About a 19th century painter -James Tissot, who fell madly in love with a divorced woman -Mrs. Newton- and lived with her in scandal and sin at his London home until she died, at age 29, of consumption. He painted her many times and when she died he found it hard to face and tried to communicate with her (I think to some success!) through seances. It's just a great romantic story.

"The Jailer's Song"
A man (the jailer) relates to his wife his guilt over a woman condemned as a witch, who he knows in his heart is innocent, as the flames of her execution light the distant morning sky.

"The Ghosts of Holy Rosary"
A sort of medley based on 3 songs I wrote when I was a kid in the 1970s. A kind of meditation on my memories of that school and, of course, the girls that went there....

"The White Witch"
Inspired by the Narnia children's books by C.S. Lewis.

Kelly observes that the recent Green Pajamas EP, In a Glass Darkly, was more along the lines of his previous solo stuff and his gothic Goblin Market side. Psych-pop fanatics take note, Indiscretion is haunted by the same psychedelic phantoms as much of The Green Pajamas' work, filled with gorgeous, glorious psychedelic pop songs, songs which rate amongst Kelly's finest work, ever.

"I'm pleased with this record in many different ways. It grew out of nothing into a sort of 50-minute exercise on guilt, especially Catholic, and desire. It's more of an electric guitar record than I might have earlier envisioned and perhaps a bit more up-tempo as well. It may surprise some.”

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Product ID: AHA!026
Product UPC: 79530650262
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