Jan Martens Frustration

The Jan Martens Frustration

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Debut album of sweltering garage rock from Gothenburg combo The Jan Martens Frustration. Founded by former members of mid-90s (jazz) rockers The Nymphet Noodlers. Features guest appearances from members of The Hellacopters and The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Fifteen songs include their brand new album, their debut EP, and a b-side bonus track.

Making good on the promise of their torrid debut EP [included here] this is the long-awaited first full-length album of honest-to-Odin Swedish Garage Rock from The Jan Martens Frustration. Big riffs leavened with bigger riffs, overdriven vintage amps and cosmic effects, balanced with sweet little lofi sojourns, led lyrically through all manner of neurosis by Jans Marten's tortured vocals.

Scandinavian Garage Rock for fans of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Union Carbide Productions, The Hellacopters, The Nomads, the Detroit sound, the Chicago sound, and of course, the Gothenburg sound… Göteborg är BÄST!

This 15-song CD collects all the tracks from the band's debut "H Bomb Club EP", the new self-titled album, and bonus track "Catch As Catch Can". The Frustration features former members of Swedish jazz-rockers The Nymphet Noodlers, band namesake Jan Martens and Jesper Karlsson (Thunder Express, Diamond Dogs, Rocket 99).

The Frustration recorded their debut EP (included here) with guest appearances from organist Martin Hederos (The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Hederos & Hellberg, Nymphet Noodlers), guitarist Mattias Barjed (The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Nymphet Noodlers), and guitarist Robert “Strings” Dahlqvist (The Hellacopters). Since then Jan and Jesper have recruited Jesper's twin cousins Olof and Gustav on guitar and organ respectively.

Harp Magazine: "You just wait and See/You just wait for me/I will disappoint you and tell you lies" howls Jan Martens on "Convolutions", the opening track on his eponymous debut album with his band, the Frustration. Throughout the disc -- a combination of the JMF’s initial EP, their new album and a B-side released in their native Sweden -- Martens’ voice is equal parts ragged energy, raw desperation and uncompromising honesty, while the band spins a stripped down/tripped-out riff assault with all of the visceral impact of Detroit garage denizens shrieking out their angst with guitars and Marshalls. At the same time, JMF displays the kind of subtlety within the sonic chaos that distinguished the thunderous rock and delicate pop constructions of Roy Wood and the Move or the punk blurt and soul understatement of the Stooges. Martens’ frustration is our complete satisfaction. Guaranteed." (Brian Baker)

The Jan Martens Frustration
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!073
Product UPC: 79530650732
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