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2002 album from two supernaturally prolific songwriters, the follow-up to their acclaimed debut Little Private Angel. Prior to their collaboration Jack received widespread critical accolades for his two Medium Cool/Restless CDs, Bulk and Mood Elevator, the press responded thusly: "the most substantial rock 'n' roll of this decade" (Billboard), and "boozy, sloppy, and beautiful" (Rolling Stone). On Woodshedding Logan's lyrics are warped mirrors, reflecting hope in the face of despair, comedy in the face of tragedy, the heart of an angel through the bleary eyes of a drunk…

Bob has released three albums as leader of the Parasol band Weird Summer: "What a voice…that is the first and lasting impression left by Bob Kimbell" (Magnet), and "nearly perfect melodic, romantic, melancholy pop" (Pop Culture Press). Kimbell's heartbreaking pop arrangements mean less whiskey and cigarettes than most of Logan's solo gear, replacing the barroom haze with bluer skies and sweeter breezes.

Bob Kimbell and Jack Logan first met while participating in the fertile but under-appreciated music scene that gripped Champaign-Urbana Illinois like a drowsy psych ward patient in the mid-80s. One night while observing Logan bellowing away during a performance of the unusual but ultimately not-so-seminal band The Anglers, Kimbell thought to himself, "this guy sings like Bing Crosby with a severe concussion, but he writes some fairly gear words".

Either sometime later than or prior to this cataclysmic moment, Logan had stood watching a performance by Kimbell's band of heart-on-the-sleeve pop experts Weird Summer. Logan thought to himself "this guy wears his hair too long and his shirts too loud, but he writes some of the damnedest music currently available!" These two events set the stage for things to come, and when they bumped into each other in the toilet at a Replacements show later that year, they vowed to get together and attempt to write some songs…

An activity that continues right up to this very day! Up until now the remarkable duo had officially released 1998's 'Little Private Angel' (Parasol), a recording they used as a reason to tour the country as well as the seedier parts of Europe. Now comes 'Woodshedding' the much anticipated follow up to 'Little Private Angel'. Despite releasing a slew of records under his own name in Jack's case (1985's 'Bulk' was the breakout novelty smash of the year) and the enduring Weird Summer moniker in Bob's case, nothing quite compares to the material created by the combined talents of this loveable, music-making odd couple.

PRESS for their debut collaboration, 1998's Little Private Angel:

ROLLING STONE: "A sly beauty in which the Brian Wilson-like glow of Kimbell's melodies, the parlor-room production and Logan's Southern Gothic, thumbnail blues suggest the Beach Boys cutting their Party! album with William Faulkner on the brain and the liquor running low."

ALL MUSIC GUIDE: "Album-length collaboration between Jack Logan and Weird Summer frontman Bob Kimbell, Little Private Angel heralds a creative breakthrough for both participants, with each seemingly inspiring the other on to new musical heights. The joint venture proves so ideal because it plays to the strengths of both, with Kimbell contributing the tunes and Logan adding the lead vocals and lyrics; the latter's boozy croon and somber lyrics have never before been couched in such fully fleshed pop melodies, while the former's songs have never supported the kind of vocal and verbal gravity that are Logan's stock in trade."

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Product ID: PAR-CD-061
Product UPC: 79530610612
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