Honcho Overload

Smiles Everyone

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Digital Download / MUDCD001
UPC: 79530610012

This CD is no longer available but you can stream/download this album via the Bandcamp player in the right column.

Honcho Overload's full length debut, Smiles Everyone, features songs with duelling, sonic guitars and emotive lyrics. Produced by Adam Schmitt, it's quite simply a great album of honest rock songs. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes catchy this five-piece from Champaign is made up, in part, of current members of Hum and former members of the Poster Children.

Option: "Fun and reckless abandon...give power to the tunes... pumped to the bursting point with noise [and] weirdness... Sloppy, crazed guitars make for some enjoyable chaos, while the rhythm section is tight as a clam...a damned good start."

Your Flesh: "Honcho combines sing-along choruses twisted over chords of dissonance and fuzzy harmony to create easily memorable tunes of rejection/hate/alienation... The hooks are the kind that wake you from a cold sleep wondering where the hell you heard them."

Alternative Press: "Does this mean that you should buy it unquestioningly? Strangely, yes... 'Miserable' is a french-fried love song for the '90s, powered by a guitar that sounds like a vacuum cleaner... Hurrah for Honcho!"

Illinois Entertainer: "Thirty-seven hundred bottles of Mad Dog ago, there lived a little band in the burg of Champaign called Bad Flannel. This legendary group featured... lead singer Bill Johnson and [guitarist] Jeff Dimpsey... Honcho Overload is like an older, wiser, gentler, kinder, happier, sneezier Bad Flannel... Thankfully, Johnson and Dimpsey are still there to lead the pack, and their new band is making big kahuna sound waves... onetime Poster Kid Jeff Dimpsey uses his guitar the same way alien races try to communicate with the Earth... While Honcho live shows are notorious... it's Honcho's bitter love songs that'll really send you into the stratosphere!" 


Smiles Everyone
Product Type: Digital Download
Product ID: MUDCD001
Product UPC: 79530610012
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