Honcho Overload

Pour Another Drink

Mud Records

Digital Download / MUDCD005
UPC: 79530620052

This CD is no longer available but you can stream/download this album via the Bandcamp player in the right column. 

Pour Another Drink marks the second full-length release from this band enchanted with both pop and white noise. More great songs marked by sonic guitar outbursts with catchy lyrics, knots of noise coupled with patches of pop.

Honcho Overload are as adept at breathing life into their songs as they are at beating the life out of them. Honcho's line-up includes Matt Talbott and Jeff Dimpsey from the band Hum.

Magnet Magazine: "Melodic Midwestern rock laced heavily with sonic guitar outbursts...Certainly worth picking up, the record calls to mind... the higher end of the corn-fed family in large calibre guitaring and uninhibited yelping - Arcwelder, Squirrel Bait, Engine Kid..."

Pandemonium: "Sounds like a motorboat in grape jelly, or like sister bands Hum and Dis. The track Unicorns & Rainbows makes the whole thing worth it. A riff like that only comes around about every 500 records or so. Very cool..."

The Wrap Up: "A record filled with power...Guitars swirl, crunch, chunk, and explode in your face...Honcho Overload is a keeper."

Pour Another Drink
Product Type: Digital Download
Product ID: MUDCD005
Product UPC: 79530620052
Label Page: 88
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