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Holly Rollers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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CD / VBM145
UPC: 884502910834

Mr. Lenz has come through again - this time with the entire soundtrack for the film Holy Rollers. Yacht rock with soft, smooth production, brushed drums, sparse guitars, and electronic lines; then it's upbeat, get up and dance kind of tracks too, but it's all Lenz, and some of the vocal melodies are tops!

Frank has played in a whole mess of bands including : The Weepies, Everest, Richard Swift, Pedro The Lion, Starflyer 59, Lassie Foundation, etc.

The film was released in March via Warner Bros. and has been featured on NPR, CNN, NY Times, Huffington Post, etc.

Holly Rollers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Product Type: CD
Product ID: VBM145
Product UPC: 884502910834
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