Eric Lichter

Palm Wine Sunday Blue

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!039
UPC: 79530650392

Sentimental psychedelic pop epics from The Green Pajamas multi-instrumentalist and contributing songwriter Eric Lichter (who resides in Seattle, Washington), his debut solo album recorded with Jeff Kelly.

We've always felt The Green PJs earned comparisons to XTC and with that in mind we can draw lines to connect the points between Eric Lichter as Dave Gregory to Jeff Kelly's Andy Partridge and Joe Ross's Colin Moulding.

Now having heard this self-crafted document we can really appreciate what Eric brings to the table for the PJs. Eric Lichter joined the band in 1997 and has been writing material since then with increasing momentum.

As songwriter of some of our favorite recent Green Pajamas' songs, Eric's album resonates with the spirit of those creations - a ghostly doubled riff here, the phantom phrasing there, all in all a bit breezier and sunnier than his "day job" , but still awash in melancholy&  Revealing a different texture than the songs he usually contributes to The Green Pajamas, Palm Wine Sunday Blue shows a more crooked and personal side to the artist.

Half the songs were recorded at home on his 8-track, the other half, up the road a bit, next to a funny little QFC. The songs are sprinkled with feelings; like the quaint crush he had on Halley Mills (still does), wrestling stories, childhood haunts, storms and beaches. Eric utilized unconventional production techniques and instruments, for example the Japanese koto featured on the opening track "Wildly Polite." However, he admits to having some happy accidents, dropped down from who knows what. "Reflections on the life I see on the day I see it."

A must for fans of The Green Pajamas, with guest appearances from Green PJs pals Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller, among others.

This is Eric Lichter to talk a bit about my debut CD on hidden Agenda, Palm Wine Sunday Blue. These songs offer a different texture  than the songs I usually contribute to Green Pajamas.  They are a snad bit more breezy and buzzy than the songs I have previously released, but reveal a more crooked and personal side. Half the songs were recorded on my home 8 track in our apartment, overlooking a seasonal lake, the other half, up the road a bit, next to a funny little QFC. Maybe you can tell the difference. The songs are simply sprinkles of feelings from all over the place; like the quaint crush I had on Halley Mills (still do), wrestling stories, or childhood haunts, storms, and beaches. I use all kinds of unconventional production techniques and instruments ( IE. the Japanese koto fetured on the track 'Wildly polite'). However, most of these songs just come out as happy accidents, dropped down from who knows what. Mostly though, I'm just trying to capture some  reflection or feeling on the life I see on the day I see it. That's it.

Palm Wine Sunday Blue
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!039
Product UPC: 79530650392
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