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The four original members of Elsinore, three of whom were music majors at a small state school, met in downstate Illinois. After minor Midwest touring the band recorded their first full-length, Nothing For Design (2005). Not long after, Elsinore abandoned their rootsy Americana sound, cased their acoustics, and went electric. While still midwest-identified Illinois boys, they discovered even deeper roots—in Liverpool. Meet Elsinore international, still fluent in the U.S. idiom, now mastering the international language of Pop. And meet two new friends: producers Anthony Gravino and Adam Schmitt (90s major label Pop genius!). Working between Gravino’s Chicago studio and Schmitt’s Urbana studio, over the course of a dedicated two and a half years (an estimated 1,000 hours of studio time interspersed with over 200 live shows from coast to coast), they produced the head-turning 2010 album Yes Yes Yes.

Indefatigable talent Ryan Groff penned a new book of songs while weathering a series of life-bending personal trials: coast-to-coast tours, childbirth, a near-death experience of the now ex-drummer, and winter-born interpersonal tension. With newfound ally: seasoned, visionary producer Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould, Superchunk, Sparklehorse), five days before entering the recording studio to commit the implosive new material to tape, the eight-year-old quartet unexpectedly found itself a duo. Turning tragedy into opportunity, Sorenson, Groff, and Elsinore keyboardist Mark Woolwine approached long-time musical crushes drummer James Treichler and bassist Brad Threlkeld. The new rhythm section accepted, strapped themselves into Groff/Woolwine’s meteoric musical rocketship, and the five-man supergroup entered Mark Rubel’s Pogo Studio.

Maybe there’s something about the tornadic midwest that transforms humble musicians into song monsters capable of explosive, emotive eruption. The ever-resilient Elsinore, for a moment on the ropes, has bounced back swinging. The brave next leap for an upward-bound band, PUSH/PULL parts the curtains on a new sunrise.

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