Angie Heaton

The Rumor Mill

Spur Records

UPC: 79530630052

This time around Angie shows us just how much a little bit country (like Marie Osmond), and a little bit rock n roll (like Marie’s brother Donny) she really is!

Having given us three albums in the past decade that leaned more on indie-rock (her mid-90s Mud Records releases Calamities & Restitution and Sparkle), with a folksy turn in the new millennium (2005’s Let It Ride on Parasol), on The Rumor Mill she and Marie have left Donny in the dust and gone Dollywood, with an edge.

10 songs about crushes, death, and being crushed to death; including a Tex-Mex-ed version of the Trembling Blue Stars’ “Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise”.

The Rumor Mill
Product Type: CD
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Product UPC: 79530630052
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