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UPC: 79530620522

It's sad to say that Rings is the swan song for this beloved Champaign-Urbana band who made audieneces swoon for the past few years. The band were easily one of the town's most popular bands of the past 20 years that I have been a resident here. But not to worry, the band members are all continuing to follow their hearts musically and have already launched a variety of side-projects such as Headlights (early versions of Headlights went by various names including Enemies, Enemy, Orphan, and Orphans), Cortisol, The Beauty Shop, and Triple Whip. The break-up notwithstanding, you couldn't ask for a finer farewell than the band's heralded Rings.

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder...

Their 5th album - as has been the case with all of the band’s albums - is another giant leap forward. A hugely cinematic and earthshakingly epic collection of songs, Rings shows the next step in the band’s evolution and comes highly recommended to fans of dramatic, dynamic, atmospheric rock a la The Doves, Radiohead, and Antarctica, dusted with a bit of Bjork and Sinead O’Connor. This is a band whose star is about to reach supernova status...

The follow-up to Absinthe Blind’s previous album, the critically acclaimed Everyday Separation, is bolstered by upper-rung songwriting and arranging within the band, and the recording skills and influence of Matt Talbott (Centaur/Hum), Chicago sound-shaman Keith Cleversley (Mercury Rev/Flaming Lips/Spiritualized/The Posies/Hum/etc.), and local producer/engineer Jon Pines (Wilco, etc).

*Produced/Engineered by Matt Talbott, Keith Cleversley, and Absinthe Blind
*Mixed by Keith Cleversley

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Product UPC: 79530620522
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