Moon Food

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!097
UPC: 795306509721

2010 album from singer/songwriter Jarid del Deo’s Unbunny balances hopefulness and a deft sense of humor with crushing despair. It’s what Unbunny has been singing and strumming about over the course of fifteen years, five albums (the last three on Hidden Agenda Records) and sundry EPs and singles.


MOJO Magazine's Americana Album of the Month:

"This little indie folk-rock gem was recorded, the credits say, on borrowed equipment at home, though it doesn't say where home is. (Depending on where Google takes you it's the Midwest, the North-west, Florida or California.) And, despite the photo on their distributor's website showing two men and a dinosaur, they appear to be a four-piece, fronted by singer-writer-guitarist Jarid del Deo. "Names dropped include Neil Young, usually," the site adds accurately. So sometimes they will bring to mind Harvest (the haunting harmony in Design Flaw; the mix of naivete and wisdom in lost-love song You Run Like A Girl; del Deo's high, tremulous voice) or, on Loose Wires, they recall Ohio, though February Secret sounds more like Neil doing Jason Lyttle. But all the songs are melodic and memorable, straddling the thin line between despair and hope. (I'm making up the bit about hope.)" -- Sylvie Simmons

Moon Food
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!097
Product UPC: 795306509721
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