Toothpaste 2000

Fine, Cool, With Love, Best

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-028
UPC: 79530610282

Parasol Records and Distribution is proud to present the latest work from one of Parasol’s most recorded artists – Toothpaste 2000 (nee Cowboy and Spin Girl).

Fine, Cool, With Love, Best is 23 tracks’ worth of killer kewl and appealingly snide pop with Britpop (first wave, not current wave) overtones. The opening track, "Delicious" has THAT kick drum and sharp guitar with singer Donna cooing over the top.

More than anything, though, the music of Toothpaste 2000 reminds me of the music that the folks from The Adventures of Pete & Pete(you know, the show on Nickelodeon!!) choose… it definitely has that mid-80s Mitch Easter-could-have done-this record vibe to it, with plenty of energy, but then a song like "She’s Eccentric" gets into a playful groove that is thoroughly NOT Athens GA, and "Atomic Boy" gets seriously psychey. They’re still leaning toward the Hoboken school of pop.

Fine, Cool, With Love, Best
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-028
Product UPC: 79530610282
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