Chrysler, The

Cold War Classic

Galaxy Gramophone

CD / SKIV003
UPC: 79530699032

U.S. version of The Chrysler's second album Cold War Classic, includes five bonus tracks.

Cold War Classic is the second full-length release from mysterious Swedish folk-pop band The Chrysler, recorded in a little cabin outside Katrineholm, Sweden; an album filled with hope, agony, and clarinets.

The band’s debut album Failures And Sparks was well-received by music writers, who have compared The Chrysler's enigmatic, bonfire folk and baroque, jangling pop to The Byrds, Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake, The Band, Belle & Sebastian, The Velvet Underground, Lambchop, and Norway’s Kings Of Convenience.

Features guest appearances by Laakso vocalist Martin Krunnegard and Swedish songstress Britta Person.

As with Failures And Sparks, released in late-2005 by Galaxy Gramophone/PLG, the U.S. edition of Cold War Classic will be bolstered with five bonus tracks: the songs from their Blue Gold and First Blood EPs, including their cover of Bob Dylan’s "Changing of the Guards".…

Magnet Magazine: "Steering a path through ‘60s-ish, psychedelic-tinged folk rock and baroque pop, the Chrysler takes a hint of Byrdsian jangle, some Velvet Underground strum and gives it all a British Invasion yank for good measure… Cold War Classic is suffused with a kind of emotional and musical optimism."

All Music Guide: "Cold War Classic is the kind of record you can disappear into; it creates a gentle and peacefully sad mood that's hard to shake for a while afterward, like a well-written book or well-made movie that creates its own world. The Chrysler don't get the same praise that some of their poppier and hipper fellow Swedes get, but they seem like a band that's going to be making records this classic for a long time to come."

Aversion: "Anyone who says the fine art of subtlety is dead needs to discover The Chrysler... The Swedish acoustic-pop outfit returns on its sophomore effort, Cold War Classic to deliver an understated and quiet effort that's all about reading between the lines and deciphering the hints..."

Ink 19: "That co-songwriters Pelle Lindroth and Anders E. Rudstrom have a gift for penning vocal melodies that have a feeling of untraceable familiarity and soaring distinctness only adds to the resonance this album holds. If The Chrysler keep moving in this broken and baroque direction, folk and lo-fi music fans will continue to have cause to rejoice."

Cold War Classic
Product Type: CD
Product ID: SKIV003
Product UPC: 79530699032
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