People In The Midwest

Product Type: CD


Ryan Groff is twenty-something, classically trained in voice and piano, and vocalist and guitarist for his band Elsinor, which he founded in 2002. Ryan had recorded solo stuff before but it was during the People In The Midwest sessions that his new compositions really seemed to evolve.

What started as a lo-fi Christmastime recording project became something much more. With friend/engineer/producer Jeff Janczewski at the helm Ryan’s songs quickly came to life, better than they had imagined. So they started borrowing better equipment and trying out unique studio scenarios, putting a ton of brain-power into the production of the songs. Within weeks, the re-recordings and new mixes came together and the good vibes were truly major.

Meanwhile Parasol got wind of these goings on and made an offer. The happily-ever-afters of this particular fairy tale have become People In The Midwest. With his solo album Ryan realizes he has some exploring to do, musically and professionally. He’s hearing more deeply the music created by his heroes: The Beatles and Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Elliott Smith, and hearing the personal song- and studio-craft behind the songs. Along with recording and touring with Elsinore look for Ryan to perform his solo material around the Midwest, with larger scale touring in the near future.

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