Mas Rapido

Pity Party

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-103
UPC: 79530611032

Second album from Mas Rapido! The artists formerly known Toothpaste 2000 and before that Cowboy & Spingirl, part of the Parasol family for 15+ years!

We moved back to New Jersey, where we belong, I walked into ex~Bongo's Jim Mastro's guitar store in Hoboken (the Guitar Bar) and asked him if he knew a place we could record our new cd & he said "yeah, you can record it at my recording studio, the Pigeon Club, which used to be a full-fledged club for old guys with lots of homing pigeons on the roof!" Pretty ironic, as D & I homed right back into the scene from whence we originally sprang, lo, these many years ago! Anyway, he also hooked us up with drummer extraordinaire, Tom C, who gives drum lessons at the shop. We think this is, musically, by far our best effort, Wayne Dorrell did a nice job recording us & now plays occasional keyboards & guitar with us live. We wanted to tell sort of a sad, lonely heart/broken (into a million fucking PIECES) heart story with this cycle of songs, all of them sad in various & escalating degrees, beginning with "Emily Lloyd" which I wrote about Ms. Lloyd's wonderful, love~lorn nut~job in "Wish You Were Here", and it all kind of spirals downhill from there as me & D riff through homage’s to all our favorite bands, from the Kinks through the Beatles & the Stones, Teenage Fanclub, Oasis, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin & Nirvana etc. etc. We just hope folks enjoy it. We think it's OK to be terminally sad & morose & morbid & utterly UN~LOVED, we all dream & die ALONE!!!! This is our soundtrack for all the forgotten losers, mutants and freaks out there that are as miserable as we are. If you aren't utterly despondent, you obviously haven't been PAYING ATTENTION!!! I think it sounds best on headphones REALLY LOUD & under the influence of a Vicks Inhaler, (which was going to be the name of the band when we switched it from Toothpaste 2000...oh well, Vicks probably would have sued us..)

Love, Frank & Donna

Pity Party
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-103
Product UPC: 79530611032
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