Mas Rapido

Dumb Is King!

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-118
UPC: 79530611182

Third album under the Mas Rapido banner from Parasol pals Frank & Donna, the duo formerly known as Toothpaste 2000 and before that Cowboy & Spingirl. Guitar-pop supremo! Quicksilver grooving gems and classic guitar pop ditties that pay homage to everything from Teenage Fanclub, Cheap Trick, Phil Spector productions, The dBs, Who, Ramones, Blondie and the Beatles, delivering sunny, feel-good vibes no matter how sad the words might get.

All Music Guide: "For a duo with such a knack for clever pop tunes, naming an album Dumb Is King! might seem like an act of anger or frustration, and that seemingly bears itself out at least a little bit on Mas Rapido!'s third album. Donna Esposito and Frank Bednash haven't lost their touch for pop songcraft on their third album under the Mas Rapido! moniker (they previously worked together in Cowboy & Spingirl and Toothpaste 2000), and their latest drummer, Eric Micali, fits just fine between Esposito's efficient and full-bodied guitar figures and Bednash's buoyant basslines. Esposito and Bednash's harmonies are real and satisfying and the tunes split the difference between '60s-style melodies and punky enthusiasm while making the most of both influences..."



Dumb Is King!
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-118
Product UPC: 79530611182
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