Lonely Trailer

Lonely Trailer

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A double-CD from one of the most original bands to ever come out of Champaign-Urbana. A band with it's own identity --one that is completely unfazed by fashion. Forty-seven songs (140+ minutes) spanning 1987-1994.

Lonely Trailer are one of the best and most original bands to ever come out of Champaign, Illinois. They a are band with their own identity- one that is completely unfazed by fashion. Since 1986, Lonely Trailer have recorded 95 songs on 7 full-length releases. We've compiled 47 of those songs on two CDs for this self-titled release. Over 2 hours of songs spanning 1987-1994 from this Champaign, Illinois three piece.

Lonely Trailer are great storytellers. Their songs are loaded with harmonies, off-kilter lyrics, and unexpected hooks. They continually change directions as the dynamics lead you on, leaving you hanging, but then suddenly satisfying your audio appetite. Their sound has been favorably compared to the Minutemen, Captain Beefheart, XTC, and the Beach Boys.

Melody Maker: "The symmetry of it all is really quite spellbinding."

Spotlight Magazine: "Imagine David Lynch writing songs."

Lonely Trailer
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