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The five songs from this Champaign band's first two singles originally released in 1992 now available in your choice of geeky audio formats via the Bandcamp player/link in the right column.

Honcho featured Matt Talbott (Hum/Centaur/We Ate Plato), Jeff Dimpsey (Hum/National Skyline/Poster Children/Bad Flannel), Bill Johnson (Parasol Records/The Texas Navy/Morning Becomes Electric/Bad Flannel), K.C. Driscoll (We Ate Plato), and Mike Rader (The Great Crusades/The White Family Singers/Poster Children/Broken Kockamamies).

Five tracks are available: the Helmet/Jesus Lizard time signature inspired (it was 1992, y'know) "Wish," the grunge catharsis (it was 1992, y'know) of "Wrists & Ankles," the drawn-out, live favorite "On The In" which was inspired by events in Charles Willeford's book "Pick-Up" (a great read for the hardboiled fan in you), the band's most popular song "Miserable" which has since been covered by many bands from Champaign-Urbana including Sarge, Menthol/Mother, Steve Pride and His Blood Kin, Angie Heaton, and The Violents, and an alternate version of "Sugarfoot" which - like "Wish" - was later re-recorded for the band's debut album Smiles Everyone.

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