Frank Lenz

VileLenz and Thieves

Hidden Agenda Records

CD / AHA!080
UPC: 79530650802

With Vilelenz And Thieves our favorite renaissance man orbits within his home studio cosmos, creating a technicolor cloudburst of homespun ballads channeling Neil Young and early Built To Spill, with a drizzling of folk, bombastic orchestral pop, and head-over-heels lyricism.

OC Weekly: "Hey, something's turned him into a mellower, less-danceable guy probably all the Neil Young and Flaming Lips records he's spent the past four years listening to. So this one is jacked with sweeping orchestral touches, sad piano ballads, dreamy acoustic guitars and atmospheric organ noodlings, and its great, especially when Lenz hurls that voice of his up into the stratosphere you swear he could hold a note up there for a good half-hour… This is sort of Lenz's own Smile album, only without the 40-year wait time, the weirdo therapist/caregiver and the unusually potent psychedelics."

VileLenz and Thieves
Product Type: CD
Product ID: AHA!080
Product UPC: 79530650802
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