Doleful Lions

Song Cyclops, Volume One

Parasol Records

CD / PAR-CD-060
UPC: 79530610602

The first of two volumes culled from singer/guitarist Jonathan's home demos. 22 tracks where B-movie baddies serve as allegories for psychological angst.

What happens when pop purity collides with supernatural forces? The first in a series of two discs culled from a stash of singer/guitarist Jonathan's demos. Twenty-two tracks furthering the band's overt obsession with B-movie baddies and the first batch of songs in your CD library dedicated to fellows like Sasquatch and Hercules.

Uncut Magazine: "The sixties revisited by modern-day spacers This is what the Beach Boys' 20/20 might have sounded like if you heard it under sedation, from down a corridor, with the pitter-patter of light drizzle in the background. For Doleful Lions, tape hiss isn't a statement or a handicap, it's another instrument... A must for wanderers, tender souls and those who like to look at the world with a lazy smile through a light layer of mist."  

Song Cyclops, Volume One
Product Type: CD
Product ID: PAR-CD-060
Product UPC: 79530610602
Label Page: 84
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