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Out of Nowhere: Champaign Music Scene Documentary DVD

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A documentary film about the Champaign-Urbana music scene, from the sixties through the oughts. Features exclusive, on-camera interviews with REO Speedwagon, Head East's John Schlitt, Adrian Belew (with a great Robert Fripp story), Slink Rand, Mark Rubel, Elsinore's Ryan Groff, Cody Sokolski, Finchley Boys' George Faber and Garrett Oostdyk, Seth Fein, Keith Harden, Terry Hawkins, Champaign Mayor Don Gerard, Larry Fredrickson, Phil Strang, Roger Francisco, Michael Husler, Ralph Senn, The Rave's Brian Cook, Bob Simpson, Larry Wigand, Jay Rosenstein, Mark Lundquist, Rocky Maffit and more. Includes exclusive and rare performance video.

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Out of Nowhere: Champaign Music Scene Documentary DVD
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